Des Chutes podiatry clinic

High-quality treatments in a welcoming atmosphere

Opened in 2014 in the Beauport region of Quebec, Des Chutes podiatry clinic is a welcoming location with staff that knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and adapt their treatments to your condition.

At Des Chutes clinic, you can expect an enthusiastic greeting from a dedicated and passionate team that is keen to get you back on your feet, quite literally. Whatever your treatment may necessitate, they hold rigor and attention to detail as the key tenets of their approach. 

In order to optimize their results and ensure your complete satisfaction, this Beauport clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is dedicated to efficiently treating a variety of problems such as plantar pain, ingrown toenails or plantar warts. Your treatments may include plantar orthoses, cortisone injections or certain minor surgeries.

Dr. Judith Roelly is one of the podiatrists and co-owners of Des Chutes podiatry clinic; she is a highly qualified professional dedicated to your recovery. In addition to providing her patients with quality care, she remains deeply involved with the Quebec Association of Podiatrists. Dr. Roelly also has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which makes her a versatile podiatrist applying a wealth of knowledge to serve your best interest.

She is joined by her fellow podiatrist and co-owner of Des Chutes podiatry clinic – Dr. Marie-Michelle Fecteau. Dr. Fecteau provides her patients with a wealth of expertise in the field. In addition to her doctorate in podiatric medicine, she also holds a bachelor’s degree in medical biology. Equipped with a radiology license, she perfectly complements her colleague’s expertise.

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1352, boul. des Chutes, Local 206
Québec (QC)
G1C 0M5

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