Jonquière podiatry clinic

A lively clinic that puts the patient’s well-being first

The Jonquière podiatry clinic, formerly the Ginette Bourgeois podiatry clinic, has been providing the people of Saguenay with modern care in a safe and welcoming atmosphere for over 35 years now. Its team employs the latest technologies to ensure an efficient and personalized treatment for every condition. 

With your well-being at heart, the podiatrists at the Jonquière clinic know exactly how to adapt their treatments for your specific needs and put their extensive expertise at your service. The clinic’s principal services include: the design of plantar orthoses, postural assessment by imaging, podopediatrics, minor surgeries and the treatment of dermatological conditions in feet.

Contact the Jonquière podiatry clinic to enjoy a highly personalized treatment.

After the former owner of the Jonquière clinic, podiatrist Ginette Bourgeois, had retired, podiatric physicians Judith Roelly and Marie-Michelle Fecteau took over the operations. Since then, the clinic’s new co-owners have dedicated their professionalism and vast know-how to the benefit of the region’s population. 

Dr. Roelly and Dr. Fecteau are both versatile and involved podiatrists who are also responsible for operating the Chutes clinic in Beauport. Furthermore, their expertise is not limited to podiatry alone: Dr. Roelly also holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing, while Dr. Fecteau has a radiology license and is trained in medical biology. 

Together, they provide comprehensive, high-quality treatment to all of their patients. Choose a team of professionals that you can count on to keep your feet in good shape!

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3872 Rue Saint Jean,
Jonquière, QC
G7X 0N8

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