Sainte-Marie de Beauce podiatry clinic

A duo of podiatrists that care of their neighbors 


Dr. Marie-Michelle Gravel is the podiatrist who founded the Sainte-Marie de Beauce clinic in 2013. Her goal was to provide the residents of the region with podiatric care that meets the highest standards of excellence. Dr. Gravel is very involved with her community and the quality of her service is complemented by her great empathy toward her patients.

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Located along Route 173, the Sainte-Marie de Beauce podiatry clinic offers invaluable podiatry services to the residents of Sainte-Marie de Beauce. 

Regardless of their condition or age, the locals can count on receiving the best treatment for their pain and other foot-related problems. Furthermore, the entire team at the Sainte-Marie clinic works tirelessly to offer innovative solutions that improve your quality of life.  

Among its state-of-the-art arsenal, the clinic is the only one in the Sainte-Marie de Beauce region to employ Cryovizion technology. This imaging system is ideal for effectively assessing and correcting your posture. 

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419 Boulevard Vachon N,
Sainte-Marie, QC G6E 1L8

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