Victoria/Westmount podiatry clinic

Two dedicated, multidisciplinary podiatrists

Podiatrist Dr. William Constant owns both of the Victoria podiatry clinics in Westmount and Val-d’Or. A versatile and committed professional, he is passionate about sharing his podiatric expertise with his patients. With a license in radiology, Dr. Constant has every tool at his disposal to determine the cause of your podiatric pathologies. Constantly seeking to improve his skills, he never ceases to perfect his practice and helps his patients regain their quality of life with great diligence.

He is joined by podiatrist Dr. Jean-Maxime Rocheleau, who complements the Victoria clinic team with his extensive expertise. Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in medical biology before turning to podiatry, he is able to provide treatment for a variety of dermatological and musculoskeletal problems of the foot and ankle. With a special interest in trauma and complex wound care, his dedication to podiatry makes him an amazing addition to the team at the Victoria podiatric clinic.

The Victoria podiatry clinic has been in operation since 2013. Located on Victoria Avenue in Westmount, it is the destination of choice for Westmounters seeking the latest advances in treatment for their foot pain and limitations.

The Victoria clinic specializes in a number of treatments, including foot care, custom plantar orthotics, cortisone injections, ingrown toenail surgery, and plantar warts. Relieve your foot, toe, heel, hip, or knee problems in a welcoming, professional atmosphere – book your appointment in Westmount today.

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Westmount, QC H3Z 2M6

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