Home treatments for foot and leg pain

Many people suffer from frequent foot pain. However, there are several home treatments you can follow to relieve the pain.

Regardless of where the foot pain occurs, it is possible to alleviate it, simply by listening to your body.

Below are several home treatments for foot pain that will help make you more comfortable.

Stretch your legs

Are you suffering from sore feet? One solution you might want to consider is to stretch your legs. Here is the technique we advise you to try:

  • Sit down on the floor with your legs straight and your feet pressed up against a wall
  • Place a pillow under your bottom
  • Lean forward, keeping your back straight

It is important to perform this exercise for approximately 10 seconds, and repeat it 3 times. What’s more, this stretching exercise is particularly relevant if you are accustomed to wearing high heels.

Stretch your toes

While we’re discussing stretching exercises, we also advise you not to forget your toes! Here is another exercise that can be done to relieve your pain:

  • Stand up and take a step forward
  • Roll up the toes of your opposite foot in such a way as to roll the foot sole and stretch the toes without forcing them
  • Bend slightly until you feel a light stretching without causing any pain

This stretching exercise should be performed for 10 seconds with each foot, 2 or 3 times a day.

Stretch your plantar fasciitis to relieve foot pain

Inflammation of the plantar fascia (more commonly called plantar fasciitis) is also a very common problem. Fortunately, this symptom can also be relieved by stretching the plantar fascia.

Here is the proper technique:

  • Sit on the floor and stretch out your legs tightly
  • Take a towel and place it around the outer portion (sole) of your foot
  • Keep your legs straight and pull the top of the foot towards you without causing any sharp pain

This position must be held for 20 to 30 seconds and then released for 30 seconds. Then the exercise must be repeated 3 times. This stretching exercise can be done 2 to 3 times a day.

These are just a few of the many stretching methods that can be performed. There are many others that we will be sharing with you in the near future!

Choose proper footwear

Choosing the right shoes is essential if we want to maintain our feet in good health. That’s why you must pay particular attention to proper footwear.

What are some of the reasons footwear can cause pain in your feet?

  • Shoes that are too narrow
  • Heels that are too high
  • Shoes that do not provide proper support for the feet

This is often the case with high heels, because they compress the toes, or with ballet flats, because they do not provide proper foot support.

As podiatrists, we advise our clients to select shoes designed to cushion the foot, such as running shoes/sneakers. This will help relieve any pain you might feel.

If you suffer from foot pain, there are numerous home treatments you can try. These include stretching exercises, or simply adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Remember that your feet are vital parts of your body. They are tasked with walking, running and many other physical activities. If these home treatments to relieve your pain are not enough, do not hesitate to consult a podiatrist. You can visit the PiedRéseau website to find a clinic near you.