How to choose the right socks?

Choosing the right socks to wear is not just about comfort and aesthetics. The right choice of socks is also important for maintaining good foot hygiene. A good pair of socks designed for the activity you are performing also helps you to keep your feet in good health!

To choose the ideal sock, you should base your choice on various criteria, including:

  • Fabric: polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, synthetic…
  • Size: refer to your shoe size and find the equivalent for your socks
  • Height: some socks only cover the lower part of the foot and are practically invisible, others sit below the ankle, while more recent styles cover up to mid-calf or just below the knee.  


You must also base your choice on the shape of your feet and your daily activity   

In fact, tell yourself that choosing your stockings is like choosing the right pair of glasses: everyone’s feet are different, and we do not all perform the same activities, so it is important to find the right pair of socks depending on the situation.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios where wearing the right socks makes all the difference for your feet!

The right sock to counter perspiration: if your feet tend to perspire (and also give off a bad odour), it is better to avoid materials like polyester. Synthetic materials are also bad for humid feet.

  • To avoid foot perspiration, the best fabric choices are wool, bamboo or cotton.
  • Breathable sock models (which allow your feet to breathe) are available in stores to help your feet combat perspiration.
  • It is important to prevent excessive foot perspiration to avoid the formation of nail fungus (onychomycosis).

Choose the right socks to match the sport: regardless of what sport you practise, it is very important to choose a pair of socks that adapt properly to your shoes. This provides protection for your feet.

  • For sports that require sustained running, like jogging, for example, choose seamless socks to avoid abrasive rubbing against your feet. A pair of thin, breathable socks is recommended.
  • For biking, opt for a pair of low, thin socks.
  • For hiking activities, specialized stores or your podiatrist can help you find the right socks to suit your foot shape. However, a thick cotton sock that reaches up to mid-calf is recommended for hiking.

The right socks for proper blood circulation: people with varicose veins or blood circulation issues must often wear compression socks. These socks compress the calf to ensure proper blood circulation by lightly pressing against the veins.

The right socks for sensitive skin: skin problems and irritation, caused by arthritis, diabetes or other medical conditions, can be prevented by wearing seamless stockings, thus avoiding any abrasive rubbing. Avoid synthetic fabrics, because they heat up the skin of your feet. Given these conditions, cotton, bamboo and linen socks are a safe bet!


Trust your podiatrist when it comes to choosing the right socks

If in doubt, or if you have any questions about what your feet require, do not hesitate to consult your foot specialists. They are able to suggest the best course of action to match your condition.

Because choosing the right socks means taking a step in the right direction!

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