How to take care of your foot orthotics?

Maintaining your foot orthotics allows you to keep it for a long time. Regardless of the type of foot orthotics you wear, regular maintenance is required to avoid undermining your treatment or premature wear and tear of your orthotics. Not to mention the bad smells that can occur due to inadequate maintenance! 

As with your shoes, orthotics need regular maintenance to support you on a daily basis. The podiatrists at PiedRéseau share their tips and tricks to help you maintain your foot orthotics properly. 


Perform daily maintenance 


Maintaining your foot orthotics requires several steps on a daily basis. This is an easy procedure that does not take much time. You can integrate it into your daily routine. It’s just a question of performing a few routine steps! 

Here are the key points to maintaining your orthotics:  

  • Removing shoes: after you have ended your day, remove your orthotics from your shoes and allow them to air dry. This way, you will prevent moisture from soaking in, which would encourage the growth of bacteria. 
  • Odour treatment: it is recommended to spray your foot orthotics with an antibacterial or odour protection product. You can also apply deodorant to your feet to prevent odours from being absorbed by your orthotics. 

When you are at home, you must take certain precautions to prevent wear and tear of your foot orthotics. This may include keeping them out of reach of your pets. 

In addition, ensure you do not place your orthotics near any heat sources. This could deform their shape. 


Clean your orthotics often


In addition to your daily maintenance, you must also regularly clean your foot orthotics. To accomplish this, a number of good practices include:

  • Clean your orthotics with a mild soap and a damp cloth, soaked in warm water. 
  • Never immerse the orthotics in water.
  • Avoid using hot water.

Cleaning should be done frequently to avoid unpleasant odours. Your podiatrist can also suggest the best methods to maintain your foot orthotics without damaging them.


Conduct follow-up visits 


Even if you are fully accustomed to your orthotics, it is recommended to consult your podiatrist at least once a year to verify that they are still optimally suited to your needs. In fact, maintaining your foot orthotics sometimes includes having them adjusted or replaced.    

These preventive visits will enable you to verify the level of wear and effectiveness of your orthotics. Your podiatrist will conduct a biomechanical exam to verify if you are adapting well to your equipment. 

Be alert for these signs that a follow-up visit is necessary:

  • You still suffer from pain after several weeks.
  • Your orthotics wear out quickly.
  • You have gained weight and an adjustment of your orthotics may be necessary. 
  • You use your orthotics a lot during physical activities.
  • You have been wearing your orthotics for a long time and have never done any follow-up.

These preventive visits with your podiatrist will enable you to determine if any modifications or even a complete change of the orthotics are necessary. Even if you do not experience pain, your orthotics may need to be replaced or modified.

Your podiatrist will know how to determine whether you need to replace your orthotics, depending on how you use them. On average, orthotics can last between 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced. In addition, to avoid premature wear and tear on your foot orthotics, it may be wise to order a second pair. 


PiedRéseau: professionals on hand to help you maintain your foot orthotics the right way 


Foot orthotics are comparable to dental appliances: they must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure their effectiveness and comfort. And the professionals who manage your case can help you with a regular maintenance plan. 

PiedRéseau brings together more than forty podiatric clinics across Québec to provide you with the best custom-made foot orthotics and help you maintain them properly.

Visit a PiedRéseau clinic to maximize the benefits of your orthotics, now and in the long term!