What is the best way to begin a jogging activity?

Have you always been interested in jogging? Of course, it’s not as easy a sport as it seems. You have to plan things right, if you want to start off on the right foot!

But by properly equipping yourself and ensuring you adopt the right techniques, patience will do its job. This way you will avoid injuries and better enjoy the benefits of the activity.

Below are several factors to consider in order to begin a jogging activity.


Choose proper shoes

One of the main factors to consider in order to start jogging safely: your shoes. Wearing a quality shoe that is specifically designed for running is of primary importance. Not only will the right shoes allow you to perform better, but they will also ensure you avoid unnecessary injuries to the feet, knees or hips.

A few tips:

  • Shop for shoes in the evening: our feet expand in size throughout the day;
  • Bring your own socks when trying on shoes: loaner socks in shoe stores may not be the same thickness as what you are used to;
  • Walk and jog in place: even if the size is correct, you must test for comfort while moving.


What exactly is the right running shoe?


First and foremost, the right running shoe is adapted to your foot shape. It is therefore necessary to know your foot measurements and understand the biomechanics of your feet. These measurements can be taken at most shoe stores. And a podiatrist is the specialist when it comes to the biomechanics of your feet. You can also observe a wet imprint of your feet on the ground:

  • Is it narrow or wide?
  • Is the shape curved slightly, significantly, or not at all?

A slender, curved imprint is a sign of a pronounced arch: a wide and slightly curved footprint, the reverse. These facts are important when it comes to choosing the right running shoes for your feet. Equipped with this information, you can choose a shoe that is:

  • Shock absorbing: very cushioned with little arch support;
  • Supportive: maximum support of the back of the foot and good arch support;
  • Stable: standard arch support and cushioning.

Some stores that specialize in jogging and running offer a summary analysis of your feet. This analysis can be the first step to help guide you when purchasing your shoes. If you are unsure about your comfort, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a podiatrist for a personalized evaluation and recommendations.


Importance of a proper training program for running

Once you have selected the proper footwear, the next step is to follow a training program adapted for beginners. Starting out too quickly and without considering your abilities will only discourage you or could even cause injury. The best way to embark upon a running agenda: the run/walk interval method.

Normally, from one session to the next:

  • Increase the length of running intervals;
  • Decrease the length of walking intervals;
  • Break your jogging sessions with a day of rest.

There are several programs available online. A kinesiologist is the right professional to evaluate you and create a program tailored to your physical condition.


Follow a proper diet when jogging


To enjoy the health benefits of a sport such as jogging, it is important to accompany this activity with a healthy and balanced diet. Choosing the right foods will help you maximize your performance. For example, it is important to consume:

  • Proteins to support and strengthen your muscles;
  • Carbohydrates to build up maximum energy.

The contributions are to be adapted according to the quantity and the intensity of the effort, as well as according to the age, the type of sport practiced and its frequency. Taking care of your plate is caring for you!

Your food intake should be adapted depending on the quantity and intensity of effort exerted, and according to your age, type of sport practised and frequency of the activity. Paying attention to your diet means taking care of yourself!

Again, consulting a professional, like a dietician, can be beneficial in order to maximize the benefits of your training regimen.  




It’s really quite simple: find the right shoes, follow a good activity program and eat healthy. Join the healthy crowd now: with these few tips, you are ready to start jogging in a safe and effective manner!

Don’t hesitate to consult a podiatrist if you want to learn more about the proper ways to start jogging without injuring yourself. You can learn more by consulting PiedRéseau.