Improve your athletic performance with foot orthoses

Whether it’s getting back into shape, excelling, or improving your reflexes, playing a sport is usually very beneficial for you.

However, various factors like muscle fatigue or injury can hinder your performance and undermine your athletic activity.

Foot orthoses for athletes are a valuable tool to address these types of discomforts, before, during, and after sports.

Read on to learn 4 aspects of athletic performance that orthotics can improve.

Optimizing your energy output

Energy expenditure guides movement, therefore, it goes without saying that it must be used wisely.

However, if pain or imbalance is overwhelming your feet, it is more than likely that your efforts will not properly increase your performance.

This is where the use of foot orthoses can benefit you.

These can help your feet in several ways:

  • They facilitate weight transfer and propulsion during movement;
  • They allow for better shock absorption, from the heel to the forefoot;
  • They increase the contact area of the foot on the ground, distributing pressure more evenly;

These features, which distinguish the dynamic orthosis from the classic orthosis, allow you to better channel your movements and maximize the performance of your stride.

Lower risk of injury

In terms of prevention, foot orthoses can also be a treatment for your feet to consider.

Since athletes use the lower limbs more frequently, they are more susceptible to these kinds of injuries.

On top of that, if a person has a pre-existing plantar condition such as flat feet or cavus feet, the risk of injury is even greater.

In addition, athletic activity is often associated with the following foot pathologies:

Correction of postural malpositions

Poor training techniques can actually often be mistaken for poor posture.

Of course, the feet are not always responsible for poor posture, but they can have a significant impact on the overall position of the body.

Therefore, one of the main functions of foot orthoses is to correct postural imbalances.

However, it is important to consider a podiatric consultation at a clinic before you purchase orthotics.

If you would like to know if postural pain is truly due to the plantar arrangement, the podiatrist can usually offer the following tests to detect it:

Better recovery after sports

All of the features above attest to the highly responsive nature of foot orthoses during athletic activity.

But even if it is reserved exclusively for active moments, its effects are felt far beyond sports.

When you reduce the pressure exerted on the foot, you allow the orthotic insole to shorten the time needed for muscles and joints to recover.

Orthotics not only facilitate recovery after sports, but also accelerate the healing after a sports injury.

However, despite its effectiveness, the custom orthotic insole is more likely to be part of a broader treatment plan.

Typically, other podiatric treatments that are used to treat sports injuries include:

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