How to prevent blisters on the foot?

Preventing blisters on your feet is the best way to run, walk, jump or dance painlessly (no matter what activities you enjoy). These blisters appear as small pockets under the skin and are caused by repeated friction of the foot.

Blisters on the foot are a way for the skin to protect itself against this friction. The dermis and epidermis become separated, creating the blister: a layer filled with a liquid called lymph. 

Blisters are the result of a natural reaction of your body. However, this is an unpleasant and painful condition. How to prevent blisters on the foot? 

The PiedRéseau podiatrists share their recommendations with you. 


Choose the right shoes 


Foot blisters often affect runners or other athletes. But people who are less active are not immune either. One of the main causes is wearing shoes that do not fit properly.

For this reason, it is essential to choose shoes that are designed for your activities and the shape of your feet.

Your podiatrist can help you select the type of shoe that best suits your needs. This will prevent repeated rubbing against your foot and relieve pressure points. 

Here are some useful recommendations from PiedRéseau to help you choose the right shoes.

  • If you are a runner

Visit a store that specializes in running shoes for expert advice. It is important to clearly define the shape of your foot: flat? Hollow? Curved? Narrow? This information is important for the salesperson, who will be able to advise you in accordance with the morphology of your feet. 

To avoid blisters on your feet, make sure you choose comfortable shoes. Take the time to try them out and compare different models. And above all, make sure to break them in so that they get used to your foot before running. The same applies for hiking boots. 

Wearing customized plantar orthotics often requires special shoes. Consult your podiatrist to learn which type of shoes to choose. Also, bring your orthotics to the store so you can try them with different shoe models.


Pay attention to your socks 


Preventing blisters on your feet also means carefully choosing your socks. If you are going to walk or run, you should avoid any friction that could cause blisters.

Things to consider: 

  • Seams: make sure they don’t rub against your skin when you wear the shoe. 
  • Lining: Wearing an ultra-thin stocking with your regular sock prevents friction when you travel long distances. Double sock models are also available in stores. 
  • Folds: your sock must be well adjusted to your foot to avoid any creases that could cause friction. 
  • Material: it must keep your foot dry at all times. Take the time to compare materials. Friction, combined with humidity, promotes the formation of blisters on the foot.  

Don’t know which type of socks to choose? Talk to your podiatrist during your next visit! 


Other tips to prevent foot blisters 


    • Stop running as soon as you feel discomfort: often you will feel friction on your foot, which becomes very uncomfortable. If this happens, stop all activity immediately. 
    • Place a dressing on the vulnerable area: do you have a tendency to have blisters on your heel? Place a bandage or tape in the area to protect it from friction.
    • Do no puncture the blister: do not try to puncture the blister yourself. This could cause an infection.
    • Take a foot bath: this is a great way to heal the blisters on your feet.


PiedRéseau: for the best treatment against foot blisters 


Preventing blisters on your feet is easier with the advice of a foot care professional. In fact, if you are susceptible to foot blisters and want to avoid the problem, a podiatrist is your best ally.

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